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Stop the Priest Lake Siphon (STPLS) 

Who are we, this group that has bonded together to stop an Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDFG) effort to siphon off billions of gallons of deep, cold water from Priest Lake?  

We are environmentalists, preservationists, Priest Lake business owners, lake cabin owners, recreationalists, hikers, hunters, campers, fishermen and women, artists, photographers, and swimmers. 
For us the “Lake” is Priest Lake, in its entirety, from Outlet Bay and Coolin in the south to Huckleberry Bay and the Thorofare 28 miles to the north.  We understand that any portion of the lake that is harmed eventually adversely affects the whole lake.  We stand together, firm in our resolve to preserve Priest Lake, Idaho’s Crown Jewel.  We will oppose all efforts that stand to degrade the lake and its immediate environment, which is what will happen if the local IDFG proposal to build a 5-foot diameter pipe, more than 2 miles long, resting on piers on the bottom of the lake somehow gets built.  This huge pipe would suck up and siphon away millions of gallons of water per day.  


We have listened and read the studies put forth by IDFG – their conclusions are weak, suspect, and do not make allowances for the unintended consequences that might accrue to the lake, such as water stagnation, increased lake surface water temperature, increased frequency and intensity of toxic algae blooms, an adverse impact on recreation around and above the huge siphon pipe, fish kills, and more.  We are not convinced by the hired IDFG experts that cooler water entering Priest River immediately below the dam will have any positive impact on the river temperature as it slowly flows nearly 45 miles to its confluence with the Pend Oreille River. 

We see great risks and little benefit.  So, we will not stand aside, and each day we will firmly push back as good citizens do to preserve what’s great about Priest Lake.  Study the issue, then join us, won’t you?  

Priest Lake, Idaho - 


Committee to Stop the Priest Lake Siphon

Eric Johnson
Fred Enlow
Bud Belles
Allan Songstad
Ken Hagman
Andrew Minter 
Steve Rice

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